Are you looking for a game that really has a hold on a global audience? Maybe you are gearing up for the 2020 Olympics and want to see what players to expect.

Whether you are interested in tennis or a long-time fan, there is plenty to say on a sport that expands borders and centuries.
Tennis is a globally popular game that is showcased in the Olympics, with athletes from all corners of the world. With its popularity gaining significant ground in the 18th and 20th centuries, this sport has a fanbase that surpasses all national borders. Tennis matches can be found live streamed with Drakula Stream along with the other popular sports found throughout the world.

Early History

Originally developed in Europe, today’s Tennis is a modern version of a game similar to the game today with single and paired players. Once its popularity carried over to colonies of Great Britain, these countries continued playing the sport and transitioned it into a global phenomenon. Played by men and women alike, the sport is one of few that is gender neutral in players and also fanbase. The sport is so popular that it has been awarded status into the Olympics for the last centuries, and several tennis Olympic champions are household names across the world.

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With Tennis already a popular sport and the introduction of the internet, Tennis matches are easier than ever to watch for those who want to cheer on their favorite player. Many of our members are current tennis players and look to use these matches as motivation to improve their own game. Maybe you want to catch some highlights for hit replays of previous matches? Our site stores these matches for you so that you can refer to them later if you so choose. The benefits of streaming with our site are endless for those who are interested in tennis.

Championship Tournaments

Because of Tennis’ great popularity, it is no surprise that multiple championship tournaments have developed across the world. The Wimbledon Tournament began its annual Championship match in 1877 and has since forth continued forward. Maybe you are seeking out other Tennis championship tournaments such as the Davis cups, Series Masters, or tournaments within your home country. Most countries that host Tennis Tournaments hold national championships.

These championships are often grounds for preliminaries on determining which players will represent their home county in the Olympics every four years. If you want to get an idea on who to expect in 2020, our live streams not only show matches but showcase results on each player and providing their stats for our members.

No matter what match you are seeking in the realm of Tennis, our site will have the stream you are seeking. With our live stream services, you can rate your players and compare the stats, so that you know who is the competition to your country’s best players