A sport that originated in the USA, Baseball is not as popular in Europe, but it is with our American, Cuban, and East Asian countries that were introduced to the sports decades ago.

What is Baseball?

It is potentially the most popular sport in the USA, but a worldwide fanbase is starting to develop. While this specific sport is nearly 200 years old in American history, it is safe to say that a variation of this sport has been introduced to cultures across the globe for many years before. The sports features players in a field from one team, and another team up to bat. The goal is to hit the ball and run players of the batting team around each base until they reach home, resulting in a single point for the batting team. Each game lasts nine innings with each team batting once throughout. At the end of the ninth inning, if the teams are tied, then additional innings are played until a team scores.


Because of the time that baseball games are aired, some fans may not be able to watch the game from the comfort of their home. No matter where you are, our live stream services allow you access to these games so you can watch them with you. Also, the convenience of the streams available on our site allows fans to go back and review the highlights and replays of different innings and homerooms they may want to watch again

Baseball fans often watch the games of teams they are not fans of just to get an idea of how their team is performing. This strategy is used by fans usually before this team plays their own, so they can have an idea of what to expect. Healthy competition is always convenient with quality live streaming.

Growing Fanbase

Because of our live stream being accessible to global audiences, the popularity of baseball is growing in global numbers. The popularity of the sport in East Asia is on the rise with the Baseball Federation of Asia. If you are not familiar with baseball but would like to watch a game and experience a sport with millions of fans, a membership with our site will give you 24/7 access to these games. Have you heard a sportscaster comment on a game for a different team and found your interest peaked? Maybe you were watching a different sport when the conversation turned to baseball. Find that game here and watch a quality streamed version. Maybe you have heard so much talk about the sport that you are intrigued and want to see what it is all about.

Championship Leagues

Are you looking to view the Major League teams in America? If so, expect a live stream of the World Series, which is the championship games of the League. These games use the rules of best of 7, meaning that the team that wins the most of 7 games are the World Series Champions.

Let Drakula Stream provide you with your next live stream of the World Series. The Baseball Federation of Asia also hosts a Championship series annually known as the Asian Baseball Cup. These Championship games are also streamed live for your viewing pleasure.