One of the most popular sports found throughout the world is basketball. Its origin lies in North America, and its popularity skyrocketed during the twentieth century after the sport was introduced to colleges throughout the USA.

While many fans for this sport are posted in the USA, there is a significant fan base in Europe. Introduced to Europe after mass popularity, the sport became a growing sensation over another continent. Thanks to the National Basketball League (NBA) in the USA, the sports continues to gain popularity throughout the world and there have been results because of this. The popularity of the sport has allowed for a men’s league to be introduced to the Olympics. If you are not familiar with basketball, then consider reading and watching a game.

What is Basketball?

Basketball is a game comprised of two teams of five people all serving the same goal. That goal is to get a ball in the basket. Depending on the location from which they shoot the ball, the team is awarded points based on distance. However, players are not allowed to hold the ball and must dribble it down the court before shooting it in the basket.

This sport is fast paced and any given game can acquire double-digit to triple-digit points. Fans enjoy the angst and steady feeling of being on your toes when you watch your team play. For40 minutes of playing time, the game of basketball keeps all of those watching engaged and delivers quality content as players move back and forth on the court.

Women’s Basketball

One of the first sports to introduce a women’s league, basketball is a sport that has separate leagues for men and women in most countries that participate. Although it is incredibly popular in the USA, American women came to Europe to play basketball for several years before the WNBA was created. Since the 1940s, women have been playing this sport throughout Europe and entertaining their home countries. This sport has a fan base that is as popular among men and women as it is diverse in players. Such a celebrated sport can unify different cultures and bring together players from across the world. Prior to the WNBA in the USA, this was very much the case with American women coming to Europe and playing basketball for countries such as Spain and France.


Mena and women leagues throughout North America and Europe host national championship games for national teams. These championship games encourage them to play and promote the sport. All of these championship games can be found streamed online through our site and available for your viewing at your convenience. Whether you want to watch your home country championship game or check out another, you will have access to all of them.

Since its popularity has become global, basketball has entered the Olympics, creating a larger fanbase. The championships held in these countries for men are considered preliminaries for the Olympics. Stay updated and review team and player stats on our website to compare and review your player’s performance on the court.