Other Sports

Drakula Stream not only caters to the major sports with high volume fans. We also choose to cover matches and games of other popular sports.


Popular in Europe and North America, Hockey is a sport that is conducted on the ice and is high contact. Two teams skate their way to shoot a puck in a goal, all while fighting off the opposing team. Lots of blood and fights are expected in these games from ice and physical contact, and the fans have grown to love it. If you are a hockey fan, research your team stats here and get a live score. Do you want to stream the game? We have streams available for your favorite teams and for those you want to keep your eye on. This sport showcases competition unlike other sports found on our site.


Like Hockey, Rugby is a physical sport that can change its position and the winner of the team only meters from the goal. Similar to the American football sport, Rudgy focuses on getting the ball from one end of the field to the other. The game concludes with the team winning with the most points. Highly popular in Europe and South American, expect a growing fan base globally. Fans enjoy the physical impact of rugby and its raw nature have fans signing on to view their matches week after week.

The sport of rugby requires players to force the ball down the field. Kicking balls and physical contact highlight this sport. Whether you want to watch your favorite team or just get exposure to the sport in general, streaming one of our rugby matches online today.  


Do you enjoy volleyball? A gender-neutral sport with teams that expand to most countries around the globe can be streamed online through Drakula Stream. With a net and a volleyball, watch your favorite team serve the ball up to their opponent for a win. Whether they are indoors or on the beach, volleyball matches can be streamed for your viewing pleasure. A growing sport in popularity, volleyball is one of the most watched sports today and you can stream your favorite team right here.

No matter which of these sports you choose to watch, the convenience of them cannot be beaten on this site. You have the option to watch it in your native language and enjoy the match in your own comfort. If you would like to review any of these games or watch highlights, searching by the team will give you access to this information in seconds. As with any other team, if you want to seek out stats on your team and their players, this information is readily available for your convenience.

Also, there is always the availability of live score feeds for those moments when you cannot watch the game, but need a score update. For example, LeoVegas espana offers this serice. The membership of Drakula Stream is one of the best in the streaming market and it will not disappoint in terms of benefits and quality. Always expect the best quality and high definition streaming with games and matches found on our site. Drakula Stream has all of your streaming needs right here in one site.